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Arrivals: Making Tyneside Home was exhibited at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle from June 22nd to November 3rd 2019.

The project was part funded by the Gloriette Charitable Trust, established under the Charities Aid Foundation, registered number 268369 and by Arts Council England
1939: George Loble1954: Ved Venayak1960: Veena Soni1961: Tony Suadwa1967: Vathsala Rajan1968: Gitta Faulkner1988 / 1967: Marilyn and Ramy Zack1969: Sirkka Liisa Konttinen1969: Mélanie Wilde1971: Elizabeth Hammill1973: Christa Clemmetsen1977: Rod Hlalo1982: Mohammad Farsi1983: Paul Johann Luft1984: Cecilia Dalrymple1987: Estwar Sanichar1994: Smajo Beso1994: Irena Mujacic