Jeremy Abrahams | Arrivals Tyneside
Arrivals: Making Tyneside Home will be exhibited at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle from March to June 2019.

Did you migrate from overseas to the UK and Tyneside at any time since 1939? You don't have to have gone directly to Tyneside but you do need to live there now and be willing to be photographed and tell the story of why you left your country of origin and why you came to the UK. If you are interested in taking part please click here.
1954: Ved Venayak1961: Tony Suadwa1967: Vathsala Rajan1968: Gitta Faulkner1969: Sirkka Liisa Konttinen1960: Veena Soni1969: Mélanie Wilde1971: Elizabeth Hammill1973: Christa Clemmetsen1974: Hari Shukla1977: Rod Hlalo1982: Mohammad Farsi1987: Estwar Sanichar1999: Kanagasabai Sahadevan2005: Naiya Patel2005: Letizia Nodari2006: Steve CousinsYuvel Soria2003: Krista Puranen Wilson2012: Lasairfhiona Swift