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1987: Estwar Sanichar

Since making the journey to the UK from the Caribbean I have always lived in Newcastle.
The two lecturers at my interview were, pleasantly, more interested in my cricketing ability. Not surprisingly, I got a scholarship and offer of an employment immediately. I ended up developing a cricket team with one of the lecturers and playing competitive cricket in the North East.
I am thankful for being in employment every day since 1987, mainly with the NHS, and for its support to gain a few undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications.
For me, life is partly about what we can give. I do voluntary work overseas and in the UK including teaching, serving as a magistrate and social justice advocacy. I also preach and conduct church services, having previously been a full time church minister.
My experience here has been and remains enriching and rewarding. I have worked, developed and contributed to UK society, despite facing many challenges, including racism.
Newcastle and surrounding areas represent some of the nicer places in the UK – both people and landscape.

Brunswick Methodist Church

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1987: Estwar Sanichar