January 06, 2021  •  4 Comments

I find that if the purpose of my walk is to go for a walk then I don't take any pictures. The purpose of going out has to be to take a picture, otherwise I lack the focus to see anything that interests me. Also, walking the streets near my home I tend not to notice anything as it is so familiar. With venturing further afield not an option I put my macro (close up) lens on the camera to force myself to look at little things and find something previously unseen amongst the familiar. 



the resilience of nature, tempered by the litter of mankind
Jeremy Abrahams
Dan it's just in front of one of the garages opposite the house.
Nice! Somehow I recognise it, although I can't work out where it is...
Hannah S(non-registered)
Really like the cool tones and the new growth pushing through between the stones, nice!
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