January 05, 2021  •  9 Comments

Not the best of times to be a portrait photographer ...

It's so easy to lose visual awareness - like many other things it's use it or lose it. So I will take my camera out on my walk or bike ride every day and post one picture - or maybe more - on this blog. 

I'm not looking for praise - or criticism - but what your emotional response to the images is. Just a quick comment please. Or a long exposition if you prefer that!

Here is Day 1:



Andrew G(non-registered)
It made me think of a joyful Roman Candle style firework against a dark winter sky!
Jeremy Abrahams
For myself, I was struck that the well lit communal areas looked warm and inviting, but the personal spaces to the right looked dark and cold. So a bit of tension. All you positive people went for the warm angle. In my present state of mind I noticed the dark and cold.
Light in the darkness, a sign of hope for our times?
Roy Cuckow(non-registered)
I feel a pull of warmth and safety from the image
Hannah s(non-registered)
Looks warm and inviting through that door! Looking forward to how your blog evolves.
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