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2013: Gretel Dixon

I grew up in Mexico City reading Jane Austen and dreaming of the British country side. Since I was 12, I knew I wanted to come to England, even if just for a visit. It took me another 17 years, but I managed to make my dream come true...
I came to do an MBA (Master in Business Administration) at Newcastle University. It wasn’t my plan to stay but after graduating in 2014, but I was endorsed for a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa and started an IT business. That was also the year I met Richard, an amazing guy from Whitley Bay, and in 2016 we got married at the Civic Centre. We live in Tynemouth and our flat has a view of the Priory, the pier and the sea, so the coast plays a central role in our daily lives.
I now work for Newcastle University, helping students and graduates who, like myself, want to make the North East their home and add to the local economy by starting up businesses. My husband and I have also started a design consultancy studio, helping small local businesses engage with their customers better, and in the process we have made many friends and feel very much part of our community.
Tynemouth Pier
2013: Gretel Dixon