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Arrivals: Making Sheffield was exhibited at Weston Park Museum, Sheffield between September 2016 and February 2017. Documenting and celebrating the diversity of Sheffield’s population, it builds a picture of how that diversity was created by photographing people who arrived in Sheffield from another country between 1945 and 2016. Each person chose where in Sheffield they would like their picture to be taken. So the project is a portrait of the city, of the pattern of migration and of 72 individuals.

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1939: Sue Pearson1947: Justine Brothwell1948: Marina Lewycka1948: Maria Olschefsky1949: Jan Kot/Danuta Reah1952: Tony Brock1955: Thomas Hezekiah Goode1955: Jean Bentley1956: Josylin Allen1958: Mohammed Younis1959: Peter Butler1961: Ghulam Nabi1962: Clinton McKoy1963: Naveed Khan1964: Haji Nazir1965: George Grant1966: Lynn Bent1967: Claudette McKoy1968: Leni Solinger